Migrate Lotus Notes Mailbox to Exchange to Fulfil a Purposeful Migration

The Mail Migration Wizard is a unique online application which comes with superb capabilities, you have never experienced in other online software tools. You can make your project migration Domino to Exchange successful and purposeful by removing all complexity and gives acceleration to data transition with lesser data risk and data loss. This migration is required in number of situations where you are unable to access data in Exchange. This application is helpful for lesser computer techie and high compute knowledgeable users as well.

Migrate Lotus Notes Mailbox to Exchange under following required needs:

1) You run a large organization where mode of communication is IBM® Lotus Notes. You have decided to install Microsoft® Outlook. To make communication more effectual you have decided to install Exchange as well. In this circumstance you cannot leave data stored in Outlook and want to have accessibility in Exchange®.

2) You use Outlook along with Exchange in your organization and at home Lotus Notes email client. For having same environment, it is not possible for you install either Lotus Notes or Exchange. Lastly, you have decided to migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Exchange so that data can be easily accessed.

Migration Domino to Exchange

Mail Migration Wizard with number of specific features:

  • Not only migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Exchange conversion take place with this tool, but migration Domino to Exchange, IBM to Microsoft conversion, migration Domino to Exchange, and migrate Domino mailbox to Exchange can take place with this multiple tasking tool.
  • Software quickly migrate all the calendars, tasks, to do list, contacts, archives, recurring meetings, attachments and so on at the faster pace.
  • With Mail Migration Wizard software you can Migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Exchange even if you have multiple mailboxes for migration.
  • It migrates data to host platforms directly and safely
  • Preserve integrity of each user mailbox data
  • Seamless and accurate data migration takes place

Know, Then Go Via FREE Demo: The small pre-migration is possibly done with free of cost trial run. In all four migration processes software shows you brief migration of small data. This pre-migration assessment helps you to plan for successful migration process at lower level of risk.

Migrate Lotus Notes mailbox to Exchange Completely: Buy Mail Migration software at fully operable edition supports converting complete data from one platform to another successfully. The cost for this version is cost-efficient. You need not to make worries for data migration because tool supports quick conversion and allow you accessing all the NSF files in Exchange environment rapidly.

Contact Online support: At any spot of you feel difficulties, you can contact online support team as our support representatives are there to help you 24X7.

Domino to Exchange Migration