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Microsoft Word or commonly known as Microsoft Office Word is the word processor developed by Microsoft. Since its inception in 1983, subsequent versions of this highly recognized application have been released, with Microsoft enhancing the feature list with every release. Microsoft Word comes as a component of the Microsoft Office system i.e. the Microsoft Office Suite. It can be used as a stand alone application or with the whole suite. It’s popular amongst both home users and business users.

MS Word 2007 comes as a constituent of the Microsoft Office Suite 2007. With its new array of exiting features the most striking one is the Ribbon feature. The impressive feature is part of the new interface known as the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. The tools, commands and styles used most frequently are grouped by task and made handy, concisely through task-oriented tabs. The new file structure supported by MS Word 2007 is .docx- an XML based file format, which is not compatible enough with the earlier versions of MS Word which have the file extension as .doc

Compatibility Issues

The compatibility issue makes the scenario a lot more complicated for the users using older versions of MS Word. MS Word 2007 allows saving the file in .doc format. Of course, one can view and use the files in MS Word 2007 but a converter tool is required to convert the files from docx to doc. For all users using older versions of MS Word from 97-2003 which supports the .doc file format, converting data can be a painstaking activity. Data sharing and accessibility becomes industrious and complex, as some of the data created in MS Word 2007 including images, macros etc. cannot be viewed and their functionality can be hampered. The situation can be regulated using a MS Word 2007 file converter

MS Word converter tool

By investing wisely in an effective 3rd party converter tool one can soothe out the MS Word 2007 to 2003 conversion process. Crucial and vital data can be accessed, shared and used across different versions of MS Word.

One must act judiciously while making a selection amongst the various converter tools available. Factors pertaining to cost, efficiency, technical know-how should be considered and judged reasonably.

Think Intelligently!!! Select Wisely….

Outshining other market players in the race is Docx Repair Software. This software efficiently converts the data from MS Word 2007 to 2003. The software’s USP is that it converts both the healthy and corrupted .docx file and documents to .doc

The .docx files are converted into the RTF format (Rich Text format). The RTF format is supported by MS Word and the files can be easily saved and used with the .doc format.

The converter tool’s robustness, easy user interface, minimal technical knowledge and quick and effective conversion process all come packaged with an affordable price.

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