MS Word 2007 File Converter

Recover and Save Corrupt MS Word 2007 File

  • Repair Damaged MS Word 2007 File.
  • Recover mulitple pages from a single PDF File.
  • Export recovered file as Docx or RTF format.

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MS Word 2007 File Converter - Repair Corrupt MS Word File

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Microsoft Word or commonly known as Microsoft Office Word is the word processor developed by Microsoft. Since its inception in 1983, subsequent versions of this highly recognized application have been released, with Microsoft enhancing the feature list with every release. Microsoft Word comes as a component of the Microsoft Office system i.e. the Microsoft Office Suite. It can be used as a stand alone application or with the whole suite. It’s popular amongst both home users and business users.

MS Word 2007 comes as a constituent of the Microsoft Office Suite 2007. With its new array of exiting features the most striking one is the Ribbon feature. The impressive feature is part of the new interface known as the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. The tools, commands and styles used most frequently are grouped by task and made handy, concisely through task-oriented tabs. The new file structure supported by MS Word 2007 is .docx- an XML based file format, which is not compatible enough with the earlier versions of MS Word which have the file extension as .doc

Key Features of MS Word 2007 File Converter

Recover Damaged Word File

Using this tool , you can repair a word file from corruption caused due to the virus attack or trojan infection. Multiple pages within a single word file can also be recovered at a time.

Retain the Data Integrity

There is no loss of information or changes in formatting due to the conversion of the file. All the pictures , clip art , charts etc will be included even after the conversion of the file.

Extract Images from the File

It is possible to save the images embedded in the document separately in a different folder after the conversion of the Word File.

Save to desired location

The resultant file and the images can be saved to a desirable location. You can even create a new folder to save the files.

Recover File in 3 steps

The docx file can be repaired using the tool in 3 steps along with generating complete status report after the process completes:

  • Analyzing Docx documents
  • Verifying Docx File Structure
  • Repairing Docx File

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Overview of Free and Licensed Version

Features Free Version Full Version
Add Docx Files
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MS Word 2016 , 2013 ,2010 & 2007 Support
Support for Windows 10
Save as .docx File
Export as .rtf File
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Step by Step Conversion

Step by Step Conversion

Step 1: Initial Screen of Docx Repair

Step 2: Browse the MS Word 2007 File

Step 3: Save to Docx & RTF Format.

Step 4: Save to the desired location.

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