Resolve Lotus Notes Database File Size Limit Error

Know methods to Compress NSF database file and Fix IBM Lotus Notes Mail File Size Limit issues and warnings in an easy way

About Lotus Notes Database Size Exceeds Quota Limit

Organizational users prefer working with Lotus Notes. So, they have numerous files in their email application which can exceed the size of their NSF database. Therefore, they may face some issues related to Lotus Notes database file size limit. There are some warning messages received to a user in case if their file is flooded with too much of data. Sometimes, these notifications can also occur due to some other issues in Lotus Notes database. Then it is required to compact NSF file when you see warning message as shown below:

warning message

These messages warn a user to manage his mailbox before everything get collapsed. If a user is not taking any action then he may not be able to access his mailbox. And at the time of accessing his emails, he may get error as shown below:


How to Set Quota in Lotus Notes?

If a user is getting above warnings and errors, then he cannot access his emails and he is required to do something to get his database back. Lotus Domino server provides some configuration settings to manage the size of the mailbox and this is called Quota. A user can set Quota size of his mailbox and set warning threshold. When the file size reaches the threshold then Lotus Notes will show warning message and if the size exceeds the limit of the Quota, then it will show the error.

 Set Quota

Possible ways to Reduce Lotus notes File Size

There are several options that you can try to minimize the size of the mailbox data. These solutions are basically for non-technical person that can simply manage his database. Some are:

How to Compress Lotus Notes NSF file?

Follow below steps to compact NSF file in IBM Notes:

  1. Open IBM Lotus Notes. Click on File >> Database >> Properties.
  2. Then click on “i” tab. You can see the information regarding the used space of your database.
  3. Click on Compact button to reduce the size of Lotus Notes database.


How to Compact Mailbox in Domino?

  1. Open Domino and click on Server/Programs >> Configuration Folders >> Add Program button.
  2. Fill all the relevant details in the Program window.
  3. At last, click on Save and Close button to initialize the Program.

    Compact Mailbox in Domino

Another Solution to Reduce Lotus Notes Mailbox Size

You can try above manual approaches to compact NSF file. But in extreme conditions, these methods won’t help you. So in that case, you can opt for the automated solution that allows you to manage the size limit of your email database. You can split NSF file to reduce Lotus Notes database by keeping the data safe on your hard drive. After that, you can manage your mailbox easily.

Last Words

In this article, we have discussed possible ways to overcome the issue related to Lotus Notes Database File Size Limit. There are certain approaches you can try to compact NSF file. You can go for the effective solution to compact Lotus Notes NSF file. With the help of this solution, you can simply reduce the size of the Lotus Notes mailbox.